Computer-aided effective fracture risk stratification of patients with vertebral metastases for personalised treatment through robust computational models validated in clinical settings

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FEA – FrontEndART Software Ltd.

FrontEndART Ltd. ( was founded in 2001 by researchers of the Department of Software Engineering, University of Szeged, originally dealing with source code analysis. Since its establishment, the company moved towards the wider domain of Quality Assurance of software systems, and in this domain it has been developing innovative products related to source code analysis, source code quality management, and software testing, based on the research results of the University of Szeged.

We consider it our mission to provide our clients with solutions that increase the efficiency and quality of software development and reduce operational risks. Our related tools come in two product lines: SourceMeter ( – Static source code analyser tool family; and QualityGate ( – Source code quality management system.

In addition to the source code quality assurance business, our company provides a full range of professional software testing services. Our experts have many years of experience, an internationally recognized ISTQB test certificate, and extensive knowledge of the most advanced and efficient testing technologies and techniques. Our related tool, TestNavigator, is currently under development.

Besides, we have a long experience in software design and development, including web-based and data-driven solutions.

Role in Metastra

FrontEndART has expertise in process automation, developing and running web-based software and data-driven solutions, quality assurance and software testing. Our QA and testing expertise covers the data-driven domain too.

FrontEndART will mainly be working on a validated data-driven model predicting the risk of fracture of metastatic vertebrae (METASTRA-AI). As part of the METASTRA-AI module FronEndArt will develop an explainable data-driven model for the automated assessment of the clinical SINS, and will contribute to developing dedicated automated processing of medical images and the Decision Support System on top of these models. FrontEndART will also play a main role in QA, including the verification and validation of the input data, the data collection and processing process, the preprocessing steps and pipeline, the training, the resulting data-driven models, and the final Decision Support System.

Team members

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Dr. Árpád Beszédes
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Dr. Tamás Gergely
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