Computer-aided effective fracture risk stratification of patients with vertebral metastases for personalised treatment through robust computational models validated in clinical settings

InSilicoTrials Technologies

IST – InSilicoTrials Technologies

Born in 2018, InSilicoTrials is a startup founded by a team of life science, cybersecurity and digital innovation experts, which aims to revolutionize healthcare through modeling & simulation.

InSilicoTrials specializes in leveraging AI and simulations to enhance drug and medical device development. Using in silico techniques, it analyzes data to predict safety and efficacy of potential compounds, aiding pharma, medtech companies, and researchers in efficient, cost-effective advancement by minimizing extensive clinical trials. Its cloud-based platform offers advanced tools for in silico trials analyses, facilitating the integration of AI and simulation technology into development workflows.

Role in Metastra

InSilicoTrials will be responsible for the development of the easy-to-use cloud based Metastra DSS (Decision Support System), which will integrate the various computational tools and artificial intelligence solutions developed within the project. The application will allow the user to input the patient clinical data (medical images and medical records) and receive back the computational results to support the clinical decision, without requiring specific computational knowledge or dedicated hardware/software resources.

InSilicoTrials will support the Verification&Validation of the computational solutions developed within the project, and the definition of the regulatory roadmap for the Metastra-DSS.

Team members

Photo of Vincenzo Carbone
Vincenzo Carbone
Senior Product Manager MedTech
Photo of Matteo Gazzin
Matteo Gazzin
Engineering Manager
InSilicoTrials Technologies
Riva Grumula 2
34123 Trieste, Italy