Computer-aided effective fracture risk stratification of patients with vertebral metastases for personalised treatment through robust computational models validated in clinical settings

METASTRA Supports European Week Against Cancer

METASTRA Supports European Week Against Cancer

As part of the European Week Against Cancer (EWAC), which runs from May 25 to 31, the METASTRA project will be actively participating in this vital initiative. EWAC is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about cancer prevention, treatment accessibility, and support for patients and survivors. This year, METASTRA is proud to contribute by highlighting its work aimed at improving the lives of cancer patients across Europe.

Cancer is a significant challenge in Europe, with 2.7 million new cases diagnosed each year. Among those with a positive prognosis, approximately 1 million develop secondary tumors. Bone metastases frequently extend to the spine in 30-70% of cases, leading to a reduced load-bearing capacity of the vertebrae and resulting in fractures for 30% of these patients. Currently, clinicians face the difficult decision of whether to perform surgery to stabilize the spine or risk leaving the patient vulnerable to fractures. This decision-making process is often subjective and can result in unnecessary surgeries or severe fractures that impact both the patient's quality of life and their cancer treatment.

As the European Week Against Cancer culminates in World No Tobacco Day on May 31, METASTRA reaffirms its commitment to reducing the burden of cancer and improving the quality of life for patients across Europe.